An Artist Makes Dolls That Look Like Children With Physical Differences

For Amy Jandrisevits, a former social worker, there was a huge gap in the children’s market. The lack of inclusion for children with physical differences was an impetus to go a step further and create true works of art to fill these defenseless little ones with joy and hope.

And that is how this artisan set out to create exact replicas of dolls with the physical difference that their future owners possessed. “Each doll tells a story, some are heartbreaking, raw and emotional”

That is why whenever Amy receives a request, she assumes it with great respect and above all responsibility, since in her hands she has the power to change the lives of these children , filling them with security, confidence and above all giving them a sincere smile.

This is the case of the beautiful Ryann, “when I had in my hands a doll identical to me I could not believe it, it is the first time I saw something like this”. It was something unique and incomparable for the whole family.

The wonderful craftswoman is based mainly on the race, physical characteristics and medical problems of each child and then in the comfort of her home spends long hours designing the exact replica of each client.

Initially he never thought of being so successful and achieving great popularity in the market, but he was very surprised to see the number of people who want to be part of the change of humanity, to be more inclusive and in some way or another respectful of the differences from others.

And what better way to start doing it than with these beautiful dolls?

Each doll has a cost of 100 dollars, some families do not have the necessary resources but for Amy this does not represent any limitation, she assumes the shipping costs and materials, her only objective is to give illusion to the children, her best profit is to see those tears full of happiness and gratitude for creating such wonderful dolls.

“We need to see each child as a work of art, a masterpiece. While doll making is an art form, the real canvas is the child himself. If we want to become a society that values ​​difference and inclusion, this is how we start. We started with something as simple as a doll, a human delay.

Initially I only created dolls with limb differences but soon I received a huge number of requests for children suffering from albinism or with Chinese features for example.

Here are some of his extraordinary works:

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