American Tourist Begs For Help After Being Big By King’s Guard Horse But Nobody Helps

Many individuals find pleasure in getting up close to the King’s guard while vacationing in England. Although aware of the limitations on contact, they are not usually the ones to make the first move.

While visiting Buckingham Palace, an American tourist made the choice to approach one of the King’s guards. These guards, who are primarily military personnel, are stationed at various Royal buildings such as Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace.

The King’s guards are committed to fulfilling their duties without straying from their responsibilities, which can occasionally give the impression of being indifferent.

During this specific event, the American tourist got bitten by a horse belonging to the king’s guard, and she was screaming for assistance. In the video, you could clearly hear her saying: “Ow! Ow! Help me, he’s got my arm.”

Even though she was obviously upset, the king’s guard stayed on his horse and the other guards refused to help. It wasn’t until some other tourists came over and patted the horse on the nose that he finally released her.

It is essential for the guards to maintain their focus on their responsibilities, yet they must also be vigilant of their surroundings and be ready to step in if someone is at risk.

This was not the initial occasion that a visitor had been at risk from the horses.

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