10 Amazing Facts About Mother Earth That You Probably Didn’t Know

We all know that this Earth is full of mysteries, and despite the things, we already know there are many unknown things about our Mother Earth.

Here are some facts that might be known to selective inner circles.

The Ozone Layer

As we all know the ozone layer has been shrinking for a long time, and it has become shocking and scary to see it. The ozone layer has decreased by 4 million sq. km since 2000.

Sub-zero Temperature

Even though many people believe it to be Verkhoyansk in Siberia, Vostok Station, Antarctica has recorded the lowest temperature. It was -129 degree Fahrenheit, on July 23, 1983. Till now the record hasn’t been broken.


Many cannot understand spring. It’s not just the blossoming of flowers, and the sweet sunrise on the dew drops, this season travels at a very slow rate of 2mph and hence isn’t witnessed everywhere.

Tian Shan

We all know that when we go higher up the mountains, our blood pressure gets higher because of the lack of oxygen. But in the Tian Shan Mountain, the blood pressure doesn’t rise even at high altitudes. It’s really surprising.

Liquid Soap

The foam is formed when it rains in Kimolos, an island in Greece, and it is just 20.6 sq miles in area. The soil comprises soap-ish clay, something that the citizens utilize as their regular soap too.


Carbon is the only substance that prevents our earth from overheating and the tectonic plates have carbon in them. These plates have the ability to constantly shifting, managing the earth’s temperature and because of their extreme movement, it causes earthquakes.

The Underground River

Hamza is an underground river in Amazon. It is 3,700 miles long and 248 miles wide. It flows into the Atlantic Ocean, leaving no traces behind.

One Continent

The entire planet was one giant supercontinent- Pangea, 200 million years ago. But, today we have 8.

Antarctica and Ice

Antarctica and ice are similar to Titanic and ice. The last 25 years have seen the continent lose around 3 trillion tons of ice. 2017 saw the Larsen S iceberg loosening from the mainland, which was almost the size of Jamaica.

World Without Water

Do you like to be dead in a world where there is no water? Because of the way we are wasting freshwater it is going to happen to us in the near future.

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