16 People Who Found Alternative Solutions To Solve Different Problems.

Too often we are faced with problems that seem insurmountable, but in reality are not. The important thing is to be able to face them with the right attitude, often all that is needed is a little creativity and ingenuity. Most of the time, social media can come to the rescue, showing alternative solutions to common life puzzles. If one does not have the right tools, there is no problem finding an alternative solution , which did not seem feasible.

Here, therefore, 16 people showed options that could solve many problems.

1. When you have too many shopping bags, just use a carabiner

The solution for when you go to the supermarket and realize too late that you’ve filled too many bags and you can’t carry them.

2. A good way to remove the Christmas tree without dirtying the house

“Removing the Christmas tree. If you have an old double duvet, you can thread it over the tree so you can take it out of the house without dropping needles all over the place.”

3. A great way to keep your drawer tidy

“I know it’s pretty simple, but after rolling a bunch of clothes for a trip, it occurred to me that I could do this for my shorts drawer, where before they were all piled up on top of each other. Rolled loose, they don’t wrinkle and are all accessible.”

4. How to reuse broken objects

“I used the structure of a broken laundry basket to hold all the cardboard boxes. They can still come in handy.”

5. When you have to carry a bottle in your bag

“Put your glass bottles in a sock so they don’t bang together when in a bag.” A way to avoid annoying noises.

6. A solution for when the cart is full

“If the water bottles don’t fit in the shopping cart. The only way not to carry them by hand.”

7. When we burn the cookies

“Burnt your chocolate chip cookies? Just scrape the burnt part with a grater. Retrieve the cookies quickly and easily.”

8. A quick way to make a basket

Use a hanger and a bag to create a basket.

9. A tweezer to squeeze the toothpaste to the last drop

“Use a clothespin to efficiently extract almost all of the toothpaste from the tube”.

10. Use the ladle for paint

“Ladle for transferring paint. Easy to clean up and no mess. I’m a genius.”

11. A new way to use a grater

“I’ve been married to my wife for 11 years and she just taught me that if I use a cheese grater on a block of cold butter, it’s easier to spread on toast.”

12. When the electricity suddenly goes out

“During a power outage, just use a muffin tin and candles to heat water.”

13. It only took a little to resolve the situation

“A brilliant way to fix a flip-flop!”

14. She found a way to make him sleep

“My 10+ year old dog loves to sleep on my lap. So I made this kennel out of some of my old jeans to sleep him in while I’m at work.”

15. When the plate is small, you have to find a way to fit two pizzas in it

“Optimal solution for arranging two pizzas in small plates.”

16. A hanger to support other hangers

“How to easily transport clothes during a move or a change of wardrobe”.

And you, what alternative solution did you find?

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