Albino sisters born 12 years apart amaze whole world with their extraordinary beauty.

Despite being born over ten years apart, these siblings share a rare genetic condition known as albinism, which causes a lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and/or hair, resulting in a unique appearance.

It’s truly remarkable that a Kazakh couple had not just one, but two albino children with a 12-year age gap. This is quite rare as albino children are not commonly seen.

Version 1: Asel and Kamila are two unique siblings who have gained popularity as models. Asel, the older sibling at 14 years old, surprised her mother, Aiman Sarkitova, when she was born with albinism.

“When I gave birth to my eldest, genetics were not so developed with us,” she explained. “It is developing only now. The doctors were shocked.”

Picture their surprise when Kamila was born with the identical issue 12 years later. The two siblings create a stunning duo, leading them to team up and begin a modeling venture.

Asel started modeling at the age of 10, and her popularity has grown even more with her 2-year-old sister. Together, they have gained over 33,000 followers on Instagram.

Albinism has greatly contributed to their success, but it can also bring challenges. One of the issues related to the condition is a sensitivity to sunlight.

“If I go outside in the afternoon, then I definitely apply sunscreen, put on clothes to protect my skin, headgear or use an umbrella,” Asel said.

“In the evening, when there is almost no sun, it’s much easier for me.”

No matter what challenges life throws at them, they will always have each other.

Albinos often experience loneliness due to the rarity of their condition. However, these two sisters are lucky as they will always have a family member who understands their condition.

Their success as models will ideally increase awareness about albinism and showcase the remarkable beauty of individuals with albinism.

“Many people do not know what albinos are,” Asel said.

These sisters are absolutely gorgeous! Let’s spread the word about their amazing story and stunning photos!

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