After Denying Her All His Life, Pelé Named His Secret Daughter In His Will

Almost a month has passed since the sad death of the Brazilian star Pelé, who had to spend a season in the hospital due to health complications, unfortunately he could not get over it and on December 29 they reported that he had died.

Edson Arantes do Nascimiento had a successful career, his successes and recognitions will always be written in gold letters, however, aspects of his personal life were always in the background.

For example, the soccer player had an affair with the cleaner, Anisia Machado, and as a result, a daughter was born, whom he never recognized even after they took a DNA test.

Sandra Regina, as she was called, was included in Pelé’s will after denying her for a lifetime, but everything seems to indicate that something made him reconsider and he decided to name her legally.

Although he always refused to be her father and never sought to have a relationship with her, one of the best players in the world reconsidered and according to what they say, one day before he died, he asked to speak to Sandra’s two children, since she died in 2006.

It was the first time that they both met their grandfather, so this represented a kind of closure for the family that lived for so long being denied, in fact, they affirmed that it was their mother’s dream come true.

Gabriel expressed: «I spoke with my aunts and they told me that our grandfather wanted to speak with us. We were very excited, we had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time […] We are extremely happy ».

Sandra died more than 15 years ago and she never had the opportunity to live with her father or to call him that, unless he recognized her as his, after many years of fighting and a DNA test, he verified that he was, and in 1996 he obtained the right to use Pele’s surname.

During her life, she served as a Brazilian politician, being elected as a councilor in 2000. The decision, which was just made public, has been the subject of conversation among netizens; criticizing the footballer for denying his legitimate daughter.

“The inclusion in the will does not fix things. She wanted a father and he didn’t want to give it to her.”

However, and although Sandra is no longer here, her other six children could be the owners of the ex-soccer player’s million-dollar inheritance, which amounts to 100 million euros, divided into assets and assets.

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