After 23 Years Of Renting, She Receives An Unexpected Surprise From The Owner: “This House Is Yours Today”

Our house is a bit like our refuge, this place where we like to isolate ourselves from the world, where we know that once the door is locked, we can feel safe. For many, this refuge remains, by necessity, always praised and threatened with change. It can be a good thing or a bad thing, it all depends on the perspective from which we look at it, on what we would like to get out of its existence: it is true that a rented house is not really ours, but it’s also true that it leaves us much freer when we decide it’s time to leave it behind and go somewhere else. Either way, after decades of living in the same home, we tend to think of our house as something that belongs to us.

A Melbourne woman has received a wonderful surprise 23 years into her tenure. Let’s discover its story together.

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Jane Seyner is a 74-year-old woman who, 23 years ago, moved into her current apartment without imagining that it would ever be hers. The property, rented for $200 a week since the start of the lease, has been kept in excellent condition by the woman, who proudly recounts that she made the garden bloom, which she found bare when she arrived. The owner, John Perret, was a very generous and helpful pharmacist.

One day, Jane receives a phone call from John with surprising news: “I want you to talk to my lawyer, he’s here right now and you have to leave all your contact details with him, because I’m going to leave the whole house to you. “. The owner, now elderly, had basically given him the house, without any consideration or additional cost.

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Jane said she was very happy to finally be able to call the home she looked after for so many years her own and that she could now enjoy her retirement in peace. But the generosity of the man does not stop there: she discovers that John has become a multimillionaire, but that he has never stopped helping others. When he moved into the nursing home where he spent the last part of his life, the man also made a significant donation to the hospital where he had been treated several years ago. “Words cannot describe how selfless and incredibly generous Perret is,” said Professor Nigel Toussiant of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. ” The department of the Royal Melbourne Hospital is extremely grateful for such a bequest. It’s just fantastic.”

Jane Sayner, meanwhile, still incredulous at this good surprise, enjoys her retirement, thanking John every day for this wonderful unexpected gift.

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