After 12 Years Together, A Young Man Says Goodbye To His Puppy: “I Know You Loved Me Too”

Animals, especially dogs, are those faithful companions who are always by their humans’ side. When you are in your worst moment or in the best day of your life, your pet is the being that no matter what happens will continue to be part of your family.

Regardless of the situation, dogs are capable of generating immense happiness, with their gestures, their mischief and their company.

However, the not so nice side of owning a puppy is that at some point in your life, they may go before you. Having to say goodbye to them is perhaps one of the most difficult processes and although everyone has an expiration date, saying goodbye to your furry friend is always hard.

TikTok @gilberrio

Gilberto Rodríguez showed his great love for his husky, who had to leave this land after living with him for more than 12 years together.

With an extremely heartbreaking TikTok, Gilberto said goodbye to his great friend, who was lying on a veterinarian’s table, the video also shows several photos of when he had a cute puppy.

“Thank you daddy, thank you daddy. I love you so much since you came to the little house. I know you loved me too,” Rodríguez said through tears, as he constantly caressed him.

With more than 7.9 million views and 1.5 million likes, the video has been the subject of different types of reactions and already has more than 40 thousand comments.


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“Without a doubt a great pain, how good that you accompanied him until his last breath”, “It pierced my heart, I do not want that day to ever come”, “You have to be strong, I know exactly what you feel. I also saw mine fall asleep and, like you, I had it since I was a puppy, ”wrote various people.

Beyond wanting to go viral, Gilberto commented that he did not want to share his video publicly, on the contrary, he had only done it for himself, but the configuration of his account ended up publishing it.

“It was not my plan, but my shorty’s because many people went and hugged their puppies. Many people will value them more. Many remembered the puppies from him. It was certainly his plan, so I’m sorry, ”he commented.

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