Adorable Adopted Rat Loves To Nap With His Brother

A little mouse named Blue is inseparable from her older brother. Black in color, Nuka is a very affectionate German Shepherd dog and very good with his adorable little mouse. Blue the adorable rat and hers hers darling Nuka hers are very happy napping together . And if you are one of those who thinks that there can be no friendship between a dog and a rat, it is because you don’t know the story of Blue and Nuka .

These two little brothers, although they are so different from each other, will simply convince you that love between species does exist. In the midst of the pandemic, a pet store set out to find a good home for its animals. That’s how the little rat got to Nicole Yates’s house, which he baptized as Blue. At first, the little mouse was a little down and sad. Many found it difficult for her to adjust to her new refuge and be accepted by Nuka . Nothing could be further from the truth, because the truth is that the dog immediately became her brother forever .

Nuka, for his part, has always been characterized as a very sweet and gentle dog. This has allowed his little brother not to fear him, but rather to the contrary, to always accompany him at nap time . Obviously, Blue is not stupid and she knows how to make the best of the situation. She snuggles into the German Shepherd’s fur, like it’s her warm dream nest Of her. The two love each other very much, and although they are not the only animals in the house, no other makes them leave their comfort zone . Nothing fazes them. This dynamic duo sure knows how to share their love.

Nicole assures that Blue doesn’t mind getting licked by Nuka. In fact, this is the way the two show affection for each other. Nuka’s tongue covers the entire body of the tiny mouse . Luckily, both they and the other pets are very comfortable at home, playing quietly . This shows us once again that, from contingency, very special relationships can be born that last a lifetime. ” Our vet said, when he was younger, that he was wise beyond his years, because he is generally very calm and laid-back ,” said Nicole.

While it may seem strange to us that a rat and a dog could understand each other so easily, it is even stranger that they could develop such a great affection. The house where Nuka grew up is not only full of hair, but also feathers and scales . That hasn’t meant any major problems for him, since he has always loved all animals, big or small . « There was this clear and immediate connection between Blue and Nuka, compared to my other rats. She loves to snuggle in Nuka’s fur and if I put Blue down she’ll run to find him ,” added Yates.

Whenever he enters a room with an animal, Nuka obediently lies down. Then, once he’s relaxed, Nicole lets him play to her heart’s content with her other beloved siblings. And if Nuka sees that the rat is asleep, he doesn’t move an inch for fear of waking up his best rodent friend From him. Blue is so comfortable with Nuka that, when he awakens, he uses the body of his furry lover as his own amusement park .

Below you can see a video where these two brothers take a sweet nap:

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