Actress Becomes A Mother At 68 And Is Accused Of Selfishness: The Baby Is Actually Her Granddaughter

What is the limit between the realization of a desire and selfishness? And when do you realize that your desire for motherhood must be put aside because it is unrealizable? It is difficult to give a single answer to these questions, yet each of us has established impassable limits for ourselves, believing that they are universal.

When it is impossible to have children naturally, there are different options to become parents and among these, adoption is the one accepted on a large scale. In some countries, however, there are other possibilities, such as surrogacy , a practice considered excessive by some, but now chosen by many couples or single parents.

But is there an age limit for being a mother? Today’s story tells us that there is no single answer to this question.

Ana Obregon is a 68-year-old Spanish actress who rose to fame years ago for her alleged and later denied relationship with footballer David Beckham. She shared her joy at becoming a mother again thanks to a surrogate in Florida on Instagram. The baby girl, whose name is Ana like her mother’s, was conceived in June, when her son Alex Lequio, who died prematurely at the age of 27, would have turned 30, and was born on March 20 at the Memorial Hollywood Regional Hospital. ” A light full of love has just entered my darkness; I will never be alone again, I have come back to life, ” the woman captioned the magazine’s cover photo showing her with her newborn daughter. in the arms.

The actress later clarified that the baby is actually her granddaughter , born at the request of her son Alex, who had expressed this desire to his parents before starting his treatments.


The news of the actress’s motherhood sparked mixed reactions from the public: some support the choice of wife, shared also by many other famous figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Elton John, while others criticize his choice, especially because of the advanced age of the woman. ” A few years ago custody of twins was taken away from a 64-year-old mother because she was too old, but this woman is rich, that’s why nobody says anything,” one woman commented negatively .

However, many others raise the question of the legality of such a practice, which turns women’s bodies into commodities and takes away all humanity at the moment of birth. A delicate and controversial question, but we can only congratulate the new mother for her great courage in this difficult decision.

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