The oldest woman in Scotland which was officially presented was Jessie Gallan. She was 109 years old. She said that she wanted to reveal the secret of her long life to an interview. The secret was very simple and very funny.

The first thing she did was start avoiding men and eating porridge for breakfast every day.

She was hiding from men almost all the time. According to her, men only brought trouble to life and they aren’t worth it.

She has been independent in her whole life and has worked hard for herself starting since she was a teenager. She left her home at her 13 and had to learn how to live alone and earn for herself. She never wanted a ma. She worked hard throughout her whole life and she rarely took a holiday.

In the interview, she discussed her life before and after she becomes 100.

According to the people in the nursing house where she lived, Ms. Gallan was an amazing person.

Unfortunately, she passed away several weeks after the interview in Scotland

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