Absurd Design, 16 Designs That Are So Out Of The Ordinary They’re Almost Awesome.

Do you think that design is always an exercise in beauty and function? Well, you could be wrong. As we all know, people’s imaginations often know no bounds, for better or for worse.

That is why people called to rethink simple and everyday objects in an original way, to design a building or to draw something that can be useful in solving many small and large problems, can come up with ideas that are at least ingenious and beautiful. , but also ideas that the definition of the absurd would be reductive. And it is precisely on the latter that we want to focus in the photographic list below. Why are they so absurd? It’s simple, they are made with mastery but… they leave us perplexed . What do you think ? Design masterpieces or projects we could have done without?

01. In case it wasn’t clear, these are shoes.

Yes, they exist, but would you buy them or wear them?

02. Wouldn’t it have been better to design and build a house in the right direction?

Note the killer detail of the parked car, also upside down!

03. Not really the best toilet to sit in

Would you try it anyway, despite its appearance, or would you give up?

04. Right in the head!

A fine proof of design and execution, but the end result leaves something to be desired perhaps…

05. These accessories are definitely practical, even if, let’s face it, they are a little impressive aesthetically!

06. Toilets where you feel rather… observed!

This stylistic choice certainly deserves compliments for its originality, even if, in terms of intimacy, it does not have to be the best!

07. A question: why?

Why damage a car like that? It looks like something between a futuristic vehicle and a toy.

08. Scary, funny or both?

Seen like that, these socks are really impressive!

09. Does anyone keep your toothbrushes behind the wall?

Original, yes, but also a bit in bad taste!

10. A toilet with a truly enviable view, no doubt about it!

11. Again, there are more questions than answers…

Sacrificing an entire piece of car to add two wheels: a curious design idea!

12. A keyboard that can make you hungry!

Would you like to have it for your PC?

13. A brilliant idea not to lose your suitcase….

A little less aesthetically!

14. Pretty daring nail art, isn’t it?

One thing is certain: it does not make you want to smoke!

15. The perfect floor for all puzzle lovers.

If you like to play puzzles, this house is definitely for you!

16. Other not very reassuring toilets: these are located in Japan.

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