Abandoned Mentally Challenged Puppy Finds A New Home

It is not unusual to find many puppies and animals in the streets in a situation of abandonment, it is quite sad to see how they survive day after day. The shelters are full and it is increasingly difficult to keep the little furry ones in good condition.

The human being has two totally different facets with dogs, they can be the best companion for them and take care of them as if they were their own children or leave them to their fate.


Recently, the tender story of Stanley, a beautiful 6-year-old Golden Retriever, who nobody wanted because of his unique behavior, has gone viral. Although it was difficult to determine what he had, everything indicated that the puppy suffered from mental problems.

His first family wanted to get rid of him because of the special attention he needed, in addition to requiring a lot of care and patience, however, there are still good people in the world and the Golden Retriever Rescue Association of Mid-Florida, Inc., came to the rescue.


The center assisted him while they found him a new home, but the mission was not easy at all, few were willing to take on the challenge that Stanley represented, however, a family fell in love with him when they saw him sleeping on a table and when they wanted to call him his name, the puppy ignored them but came over to kiss them.

After the brief encounter, Stanley, who was only one year old at the time, did not want to be separated from them and followed them everywhere, although they hesitated, they ended up adopting him and taking him home.


Although the dog has learning disabilities, his new family has been very patient, in fact, the kitten they already had before Stanley has been very kind and they already get along very well.

“He may be a bit slow, but his goofy quirks, good nature, and weird personality make us love him even more,” Stanley’s new human mom commented .

After some time, several dog trainers came to help them and after several tests and tests, they concluded that they had a mental problem.


Stanley’s behaviors represented a challenge to understand, for example, he always took a pink pillow after dinner time and carried it everywhere, when he got tired he lay on it.

On the other hand, the puppy also grabs the same three objects: the remote control, a girl’s bear and a slipper. If he doesn’t find them, he gets cranky and basically ruins his day.


In the time that Stanley and his new family have been together, he has only learned one new command: “sit”, and although he doesn’t behave like the other puppies, he is happy and healthy.

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