A Time Travel Specialist Claims To Have Discovered A Way To Return To The Past

How many of us wish we could go back in time, perhaps to relive special moments in our lives, correct mistakes we regret, make different choices, or be able to see loved ones who have passed away again? While some say leave the past where it is, cherish it in memory but look only to the future, others disagree and hope someone invents a time machine . which will give us the possibility to go back. A scientist has set an ambitious goal to succeed and claims to have found a way to achieve it.

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Ronald Mallett has devoted much of his life to finding a way to return to the past. It seems that he finally succeeded, according to his words, after a first great moment of enthusiasm. The scientist claims to have finally unlocked the secrets of time travel after being hospitalized. His next goal is to create a time machine that can “warp the fabric of the space-time continuum” using a “ring of rotating lasers to time travel.”

Mallett has devoted himself to this type of research since the age of 10, following the premature death of his father. Reading the book “The Time Machine” by HG Wells then inspired his studies: “The very first paragraph changed my life. I still remember the quote: “Scientists know very well that time does not is just a kind of space and that we can move back and forth in time, just as we can in space.”

After years of searching for a solution, he had something of a revelation while in hospital with a heart condition: “Spinning black holes can create a gravitational field that could lead to the creation of time loops, which could allow us to go into the past.”

To explain the concept more clearly and simply, the University of Connecticut physics professor added, “Let’s say you have a cup of coffee in front of you right now. You start stirring the coffee with your teaspoon. It starts spinning, doesn’t it? That’s what a spinning black hole does. In Einstein’s theory, space and time are related to each other. that’s why it’s called spacetime. So as the black hole spins, it actually causes time to twist.”

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Mallett’s intention is to create a ring laser that generates an intense, continuous rotating beam of light to produce gravity. In reality, to carry out this project, he would have to call upon “galactic types of energy” and could not estimate the dimensions necessary for a working time machine. “I’m not sure when or if I will, but I figured out how.”

An idea which, if true, could mark a real revolution in science.

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