A Successful Entrepreneur Sells The Company He Founded: “Wealth Is A Pain”

There has always been a debate about which is better between having little money, but being happy in the emotional and relational realm, or having great wealth and risking not being able to have anything else, and especially no relationships. authentic. In fact, very often the richest people find themselves confronted with a series of bureaucratic and other problems: how often have we heard of virulent conflicts over the division of a large inheritance? And how many times have we discovered that the path already paved by parents and grandparents can interfere with a child’s independence and skill development?

This is the reason for the unusual choice of a recognized entrepreneur, who decided to sell his successful business instead of simply bequeathing it to his children.

David Green, founder of the famous American chain of DIY and decoration stores Hobby Lobby, surprised the general public by announcing that he was going to part with his company, preferring to sell it rather than bequeath it to his children and grandchildren. children.

“As an owner, there are certain rights and responsibilities, including the right to sell the company and keep the profits for yourself and your family,” Green said. “As our business grew, this idea began to bother me more and more. I was advised to just pass ownership to my children and grandchildren . that I could change or even spoil the future of grandchildren who were not yet born , “he concluded, pointing out that 100% of the voting shares had already been transferred to a trust.

Green says wealth is a problem, especially when it comes to marriage, children and interpersonal relationships, and that’s why he preferred to sell his successful business. “When I realized I was just an administrator, it was very easy to sell my business,” he finally said. The man therefore decided that it was fairer for his children to earn money from their work rather than from the profits of the company.

A truly unusual choice, don’t you think?

source used USA Today

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