A Street Sweeper Raised His Daughter Alone And Now She Will Graduate From Medicine

She has worked all her life to give her daughter the best.

Tales Pereira is a street sweeper who cleans the streets of Goiânia, in Brazil, with the sole purpose of giving the best to his daughter Aline Castro . She has received an excellent education and today she is about to fulfill her dream, she will be a doctor.

Throughout Aline’s life, her father focused on his little girl’s dream and never missed work. Now that her daughter will graduate, she dedicated these words to her father:

“To my father, I am deeply grateful for having you with me every day, doing everything possible to help me fulfill my obligations and worrying about my well-being and supporting me with the most diverse forms of love. You are my best example of struggle and determination to win in life.”

The mother died of stomach cancer when Aline was just a child. That was when Thales had to assume the role of father and mother. Her mother’s illness became the driving force behind Aline’s dream of becoming a doctor to help people like her mother.

The story of Tales and Aline is a sign of dedication and commitment. Share it with your loved ones to encourage them not to give up on their goals.

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