Here’s A Nurse Cat Who Looks After Sick & Injured Animals In A Shelter

The little black cat, Rademenes has miraculously escaped death after a very close call caused by an upper-respiratory infection. First, he was brought to an animal shelter in Bydgoszcz, a city in Poland in order to be euthanized. But, this little black kitty survived against all odds. In his second life, Rademenes has decided to take care of other animals in the shelter that he was admitted to. This kitty is known as one of their “full-time nurses” by the workers at this shelter as he provides love and comfort to sick and injured animals.

Rademenes is always cuddling up and caring for the sick animals in the shelter.

He spends extra time and gives extra attention to animals that are recovering from surgery.

He is also licking and cleaning out the ears of the animal patients at the shelter.

He is a caring and loving guy.

Very cute!

The animal patients are so lucky to have Rademenes by their side. We wish him to continue this kind of effort for many years.

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