A Musician Transforms Birds On Electric Cables Into A Score: The Resulting Melody Is Magnificent

Those who know music have their own way of getting in touch with it, of thinking about it, of seeing it even in the most unthinkable things. The work of the Brazilian director and musician Jarbas Agnelli is a wonderful demonstration of this: from one of his observations a particular and beautiful compositional work was born, which even won him the prize of the YouTube Play contest, in collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum from New York: a melody made by transforming birds perched on telephone wires into a score !

When the electric cables turn into a score and the birds resting there end up representing the notes.

Vimeo/Jarbas Agnelli

In the caption that accompanies the video, Jarbas Agnelli writes: ” I was reading the newspaper when I saw the photo of some birds perched on electric cables: I cut it out and decided that I would extrapolate a melody in using the exact position of the animals as if they were notes on a sheet music. I didn’t think it was the most original thing in the world, I was just curious to know what the music sounded like” created “by the birds “.

Are you curious to know what sound has the nature seen by Jarbas? You just have to listen to it!

Vimeo/Jarbas Agnelli

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