A Man Loses His Wedding Ring On Vacation: It Is Found Around A Fish

When you lose an object, the hopes of finding it dwindle over time. And when this object has an important emotional value, as in the case of a wedding ring, for example, the penalty is doubled. Sometimes, unfortunately, it happens that we also lose this object and that we have searched for it, all the attempts prove to be vain.

Imagine the surprise of being contacted by a stranger who has found your ring at the bottom of the sea! This is what happened to a newlywed after a vacation on Norfolk Island in the far north of Australia.

Matthew Manning/Facebook

Nathan Reeves and his wife Suzie were vacationing in Australia on Norfolk Island when they noticed the husband’s wedding ring was missing . ” He only told me the news after he had looked for it and I was not very happy. I always tell him to take it off before going for a swim, ” the woman said, adding that the loss the wedding ring came the day before their second wedding anniversary.

The man had lost all hope of finding her when he was contacted via the community’s Facebook group by a freediver, Susan Prior, who told him she had found her ring at the bottom of the sea and l photographed, but failed to catch the mule she was stuck around.


The woman said she was concerned about the health of the mule, which currently appears to be in excellent condition, but which, as it grows, could be affected by the ring that surrounds its body. If caught with a net, the ring could be gently removed and returned to its rightful owner, and the mule would be set free. Everyone in the area now participates in the search for the fish and some have offered their metal detectors to aid in the search.

” I couldn’t believe it. I have friends on the island and they told me with absolute certainty that they would find it ,” the man commented enthusiastically about the unexpected find. We wish him good luck !

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