A Little Boy Brings His Dad To Tears When Potty Training.

Do you recall teaching your child to use the potty? It was a significant milestone, but it did have its challenges. The tears, the fits, the shouting and screaming, and that was just from the parents.

Potty training may pose challenges, but it’s definitely achievable. With a positive perspective, it can even be a bit fun.

Dani and Matt DiVito are the ones who understand this the most. They were in for a surprise when they were teaching their son how to use the grown-up toilet. Luckily, they captured the whole thing on video.

The dad questioned his son about going to the bathroom, and the boy shouted back, “I didn’t poop, I peed!”

The father confessed that his son was just trying to make him laugh, even though he said it in a strange voice that made it seem like it was dubbed into the video.

It was a success! His father burst into laughter, tears streaming down his face, which made his son worry that he was upset.

The little boy needed some time to understand that his father wasn’t sad, and then they carried on with their playful conversation.

You can witness it firsthand in this video.

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