A Giant Airplane In The Sky Was Created By 800 Drones

You can use drones to show a great light. Drones are also used for blood delivery, disaster relief, and rescue assistance and also it garners more attention through the stupendous light shows during government conventions.

Using 800 drones they have created the outline of a helicopter and a jet rounded off the festival of tech in China. The show is designed to wow visitors with state of the art aviation, space travel and drone technology. This time they have taken the show into the next level.

In the air show, the drones started creating a propeller plane and morphed into a giant airplane. Then the drones formed a helicopter and it appeared to be a spacecraft too.

In order to advance their capabilities, technology companies and governments have been working with drones. When you make it more advanced they will become part of everyday life in the future years.

Drones can be useful in tracking stock in big warehouses, keeping an eye on industrial fields or surveilling industrial plants. You also can wow millions of people by creating a glowing airplane in the sky.

sources – New China TV

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