A Cute Sea Sheep who Eats Too Many Algae It Can Photosynthesize

This could be a sheep, or a cow, or a fluffy ball of happiness. This creature’s specific name is Costasiella kuroshimae  (or ‘Leaf Sheep’ for short). With its dotty eyes and cute feelers, it looks like a cartoon sea sheep. The little sea slug feeds on algae just like the real thing.

This animal can grow up to 5mm in length. It can be found near Japan, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They are one of the only sea creatures in the world that can perform photosynthesis (the others all belong to the sacoglossa sea slug clade). They suck out the chloroplasts and incorporate them into their own bodies in a process called kleptoplasty when they eat algae. This process can only be performed by single-celled organisms and it makes them solar-powered slugs.

This Cute Sea Slug Loves To Eat Algae

Little Sea Sheep Is A Sea Slug That Loves To Eat Algae

Image credits: Jim Lynn

These Little Animals Can Be Found From Japan To Indonesia And The Philippines

Image credits: Randi Ang
Image credits: Johnny Chiu


Image credits: Jim Lynn

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