A Company Is Building These “Elf Houses”… You’ll Love Their Interiors!

Often, children ask parents to have a house on a tree, or a toy house to play in. For dreamers, young and old, there is a construction company that realizes exactly those houses that we so desire.

Sloping roofs, wooden walls, very small area but enough to house a welcoming and warm space inside. Looking at them, the desire to go inside and take refuge there is truly palpable!

With the photos in this article, you will take a tour inside.

Here is one of the many models built by ‘The Rustic Way’. Imagine walking in the woods and seeing a little house like this… Looks like a fairy tale!

All models are made from recycled wood: the company’s team, led by founder Dan Pauly, go in search of abandoned houses, or old pieces of wood that can be reused.

The wood is then shaped and treated. All the houses are then recycled and made entirely by hand.

Dan has a long experience as a carpenter: for him, it is a shame to see old structures abandoned. So he decided to give the wood with which they are made a second chance.

They all have a very similar design, but their uses can be different: a playground, a sauna, a refuge…

The houses are charming but the biggest contribution is made by the owners who add colorful details, making each structure unique.

Their extravagant design and the fact that they are made entirely from recycled materials make them extremely attractive.

The company is based in Minnesota, where the homes are on display at one of the most famous agriculture and education events.

Visitors to the exhibition can appreciate the solidity of the houses, and take a tour inside them to see the potential that such a small space can have.

Very often they are bought to be placed in the garden, next to the main house.

There are different heights: from 2 and a half meters up to 4 meters!

Thanks to their particular shape, their interior is comfortable.

If the house is used as accommodation, inside will be placed bunk beds, a desk and a sink.

Without a doubt, have an unforgettable night in a warm setting.

But it can also be made into a double bed.

Or the bedroom space can be used as a workspace!

Like the interior, the exterior is also customizable, making this hideaway as graceful and inviting as possible 🙂

Look at The Rustic Way website and dream of the little houses you could have… 😉

source used: Facebook/ The Rustic Way

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