A Bus Driver On His First Day Of Work Gets Lost With Passengers On Board

On the first day of work, it is normal to feel disoriented and a little anxious: a new environment, people to know and tasks to learn are all stress factors. If the luckiest manage to pass the fateful course of the first day without any particular problem, others come up against small difficulties that they have trouble solving on their own. This is what happened to this bus driver who became famous on social networks after getting lost with several passengers on board , not knowing which route to take. Let’s see how things went.

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The man showed up for his first day on the job and got on the bus he was supposed to be driving until his shift ended. Unfortunately, he did not know the route to follow and got lost with all the passengers on board. Some of them realized what was happening, filmed the moment and shared it on social media. The driver seemed lost, driving aimlessly and unable to find his way.

The passengers, meanwhile, showed solidarity with the poor driver , giving him directions and helping him find his way by giving him correct directions. The girl who filmed the scene accompanied the video with the following caption: “The bus driver on his first day of work”.

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The sharing was not only appreciated for its irony, since everything ended well for the public transport employee, but above all the users underlined the great empathy shown by those present: instead of getting impatient or to report the driver’s incompetence to the hierarchy, they understood the situation and decided to lend him a hand, thus demonstrating that there is strength in unity .

“Wish we were always like this when we see someone in trouble,” someone wrote, while others added, “It happens! Once I had to help someone because that he didn’t know the route” and “it’s great that you found empathetic people”. The attitude of the passengers therefore does not seem so obvious to outsiders.

What would you have done in the driver’s seat? Would you have asked for help or would you have tried to find a solution without revealing what was happening? The man is sure to have met the right people on his first day as a driver, which could bode well for his future career!

source used:The Universal

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