A 10-year-old Girl Has Two Companies And Will Be Able To Retire At The Age Of 15. She Generates Thousands Of Dollars

As parents we always want our children to be able to emerge, to have a promising future and above all to live comfortably, without worries. It is for this reason that many of us invest a large amount of money in their studies, that they have a good education is essential, but although some do not believe it, the best example they will receive from us as parents.

That is why the life of this little girl, only 10 years old, should serve as an example for everyone, since she started her own business and now has an overwhelming fortune, so much so that she can retire at 15 if she wishes. old and live the rest of his life on the profits from his business.

“For me, the most important thing is her desire to undertake, that creativity that only children have is wonderful, that’s why I don’t hesitate for a second to support her.” Commented the businesswoman Roxy Jacento, mother of little Pixie Curtis.

Although we are used to children only thinking about playing, eating sweets, worrying about their grades at school and enjoying their childhood, this beautiful mini businesswoman added all these characteristics to creating her own fortune.

This girl has grown up with her 6-year-old brother Hunter in a mansion and surrounded by all possible luxuries.

Pixie Curtis , a native of Australia , only 10 years old, created her own company called Pixies Fidget where they are responsible for creating unique toys that have the ability to run out within 48 hours of making them public.

“It’s amazing how excited the kids are when they see the new ideas that Pixie offers them, the daily profits that my daughter generates are amazing.”

That is why after the great success that the toy venture had, this mother decided to partner with her wonderful daughter and together create another company called Pixies Bows , where the little ones in the house can get endless options for hair .

«I started working when I was 14 years old, that is why I know what it means to fight for your dreams, to get to where we are now, my husband and I had to go through many difficulties, our children have an example of effort from us. The best thing we can leave them as parents is learning that there is nothing better in the world than being your own boss.

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