97-year-old Grandmother Mourns The Abandonment Of Her 16 Children

When we come to this world we do it with the total certainty that that person who gave you life and brought you to this world will be your caretaker, will be the person who will guide you in every step you decide to take and above all things will sacrifice everything that is humanly possible in order to see you happy and fulfilling your dreams. It is for this reason that as we grow as children we realize the great privilege we have for the simple fact of having our mothers with us.

Those arms that will support and protect you in any circumstance, unfortunately not all of us children think like that, not all of us feel that love and dedication towards our parents and that is why we see how today there are more and more older adults wandering through the streets, begging for something to eat or simply as is the case with this sweet 97-year-old grandmother, who lives alone despite having given birth to 16 children.

It was learned after a publication made by television presenter Jaime Toral on his social networks that this grandmother does not have any kind of care from her children. This elderly woman named Isabel Méndez Jiménez lives in Oaxaca , lives alone with her pets.

“My only companions over these last few years have been my cats and my dog, who protect me and give me love.”

It was learned that despite the fact that Isabel gave life to 16 children each at the time of growing up, they decided to make their lives and forget about her completely, since none to date have thought if she is even still alive. .

«I had 16 children, I took care of each one and raised them equally, they were my greatest treasure, that is why day after day I went out to the streets to work to get something to eat, I never thought I would have to spend my last years of living alone in the house where I saw them grow up and form men and women heads of families, I really miss them a lot». Grandma said through tears.

Isabel affirms that her sons and daughters decided to form their own families and leave the house where they grew up, but they never returned to at least find out if their mother was still there.

«Each of my children got married, they have a family and I am sure that they support each other as a family, what I do not understand is why they forgot about me, about the woman who lovingly cared for them and gave them life. I live completely alone, in the afternoons a neighbor comes to keep me company and bring me food, but he is out of his mind, he is 23 years old and he only comes to eat with me. »

His last wish. «All I want is to be able to see them before leaving, for them to know that their mother misses them every day that passes and that although I no longer have the same strength as before, I will always be there for each one of them. They are my children, my greatest treasure, although apparently I have not been for them.

Do not forget to share this publication so that many more people can see and know the testimony of this grandmother who only asks of life is to be able to see her children one last time and leave us your comment for all those people who at the time of growing up and forming their own families they forget that they have one and above all that they prefer to leave their own mother behind before taking care of her and filling her with love.

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