90-year-old Truck Driver Works 12-hour Days To Pay Bills

Everyone’s life is full of constant expenses, starting with groceries and ending with taxes, of which the ones that weigh the heaviest on people’s pockets are electricity and gas bills. When one has worked for many years, one of the constant dreams is to retire and finally be able to relax, but not everyone is destined to take advantage of this chance. Some are forced to work even beyond retirement age.

This is what happens to this gentleman who, despite having reached the age of 90, is still forced to drive his truck to be able to pay his bills.

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Brian Wilson, from Sheffield, is 90 and has worked as a lorry driver for 70 years. His career began in 1953. His first job was delivering gasoline to several service stations. In 1970, he started running the family business E. Wilson & Sons on his own, which has always been in the transportation business. He never voluntarily missed a day of work, in his long career he only had a 7 week break due to a broken foot. Except for this brief interlude, he always gave his all for the company.

Since taking the reins of the company, he has accumulated millions and millions of kilometers at the wheel and has never had an accident. “Work,” Brian explains, “can mean getting up at 4 a.m. and working 12-hour days . It all depends on my commitments during the week. My wife encourages me to keep working as long as possible and I feel still in good shape. Also, I have to keep going to pay the bills, the costs are increasing year after year and that pushes me to keep doing my job. However, I can’t wait to retire. Of course, I do all this because I am my own employer; if I had depended on someone else, I would have wanted to quit sooner.”

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Brian has already thought of everything for when he retires. He is planning a trip for himself and his 89-year-old wife Mavis. The destination is Thailand, to visit one of his four sons, who has been living there for several years.

What do you think of this man who, despite his 90 years, continues to work hard?

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