9 Photos of Children’s School Lunches Across the World

In the US, concern about school lunches for kids has been a common issue in the past few years. The parents of the kids want to make their kids’ lunches a healthy diet and attractive.

The National School Lunch Program (NPL) is a centrally assisted program to serve school kids. It was initiated to provide free or low-cost lunches to students in non-profit private and public schools as well as in residential child care institutes. They presently serve over 31 million children around 92% of the schools in the U.S.

Because of the kind of food provided to the children such as sweet green and a string of salad cafeterias, most of the parents expressed their apprehension. After all, they decided to educate their children on fitness, a healthy diet, and sustainability.

Including the photographs of the kind of lunch consumed by kids all around the world, they organized a program. Turns out these schools were acing their culinary skills by providing kids with the best of each type of food.

Here are the kinds of school lunches consumed by kids in other parts of the world.


This plate is filled with everything healthy and tasty including green beans, fresh fruit, carrots, steak, and cheese.


They offer tasty pasta and tomato sauce on the side and some local color with fish placed on arugula, some Caprese salad, grapes, and baguette.


They offer some baked plantains to go with bread and pork missed with veggies and rice to go with black beans.


They offer a soup with peas in it and some beet salad and carrot to add to the healthy diet, as well as a slice of bread and a dessert pancake (pannakkau), garnished with juicy, fresh berries on it to make the meal attractive.

South Korea

They offer fish soup, fresh veggies on the side, tofu placed over rice, and kimchi.


They offer borscht (beet soup), mashed potatoes with sausages and some cabbage too. And they give pancakes for dessert.


They offer some mix of healthy and tasty food such as fruits like fresh oranges, cucumber salad, and grape leaves with stuffing, along with baked chicken nicely placed on orzo. And also to end the meal with Greek yogurt garnished with seeds of a pomegranate.


They offer gazpacho (cold soup) to go with bread, fresh peppers, a slice of orange and some veggies. And to complete the meal shrimp placed on brown rice.


They offer a mix of a nutritious and scrumptious meal such as a big cookie, chocolate chip flavor, a cup of fresh fruits, mashed potatoes, and peas to start the meal with. And the popcorn chicken (fried) is the main delicacy for the kids.

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