9 Dangerous Glass Stovetop Habits You Should Never Make

Glass stovetops are stylish and low-maintenance, but they can be easily damaged if not treated with care. Here are nine behaviors to avoid:

Utilizing abrasive or gritty cleaning products
“Refrain from using harsh or coarse cleaning products as they may result in scratches on the surface.”
Use a gentle cleaner designed for glass stovetops.

Organizing Oversized Cookware
Glass stovetops may crack when exposed to heavy cookware. “Choose cookware that is lightweight.” to shield surfaces from harm.

Sliding Pots and Pans
Avoid scratching glass by lifting cookware instead of dragging it across the surface.

Leaving Traces and Leaks
Act quickly to clean up spills to avoid damage and stubborn stains.

Using Unwashed Cookware for Cooking.
Unclean cookware residue left on the stovetop could pose risks. Ensure your cookware is clean.

Putting a hot cover upside down on a glass cooktop.
Choose a heat-resistant surface to prevent hot lids from shattering glass and causing sudden temperature changes.

Overlooking Cracks or Chips.
“Don’t ignore chips or cracks,” Make sure to fix any issues promptly to prevent the stovetop from expanding and cracking.

Preheating an Empty Pot or Pan
Make sure to always have food or liquids in your pots to prevent damage from overheating empty cookware.

Ignoring the Guidelines Provided by the Manufacturer.
Make sure to follow specific maintenance instructions to avoid any potential harm or safety hazards.

Keep your glass stovetop in good condition by avoiding these habits.

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