76-year-old Influencer Challenges Negative Perceptions Of Aging

The passing of time is something natural, it is normal for the years to be read on the body and the face of individuals, but this should not be a limitation. Too often society pushes people, especially women, to hide their aging, as if we want to insist on fighting what is a natural process. There is a tendency to encourage individuals to always look young.

The woman in the story decided to challenge negative attitudes towards aging , emphasizing that it is a natural process. Let’s take a closer look at what happened.


Candace Leslie Cima is a 76-year-old woman who chose to become an influencer. She is known on social networks under the pseudonym of “lifeinmy70s” to show her daily life, but above all to oppose all the negative stereotypes about aging. The company constantly advertises creams and products to combat wrinkles. This woman, on the other hand, wants to go against the grain and encourages everyone, especially women, to embrace their natural beauty . Thus, she became an advocate for the visibility of older women on social networks, so that they could become a role model for future generations.


In one of her videos, Candace asserts that the contemporary world caters exclusively to young people, neglecting a large part of society, namely the elderly. ” I remember being at the checkout in a supermarket and looking at the headlines of these magazines. They always have headlines about how to look your best at 20, 30 and 40, but they never mentioned 50, 60 and 70 years “. One day, in a video, responding to one of her detractors, she also supported the possibility of wearing the clothes you want, without having to refer to standards of beauty or age : “I was told I was 60, I shouldn’t wear that dress. Actually, I’m 75, and this dress looks great on me, so I’m going to keep wearing it. “

Candace says that as an older woman, she feels compelled to explain to future generations that passing time is a gift and one should not only accept it, but also embrace the changes in one’s body.

“ The only way this view will change is if we older people value aging. We help see it as the culmination of years of discovery and learning. Time allows us to become the best version of ourselves. themselves. ”

What do you think of his thought?

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