5 Things You Should Delete From Your Life Immediately

There are things that happen out of your control and there can be nothing to do to change them.

You can’t just hold on to existing reality and ruin the brighter future. Life is full of upgrades. You have to go away from obsolete and harmful things and try newer, brighter and healthier things.

You need to take firm decisions to change yourself. Even though it takes time and a lot of resolve to start, good things will keep coming in a snowball effect once you do it.

Try to convince yourself that some things are not worth it.

These 5 things should be deleted from your life in order to see the bright picture in front of you:

  • What could have been, should have been, might have been if you did it right but didn’t

We all know that time travel.

You should understand that even most good things no matter how strong they seem at first, will fall apart eventually. It’s not very wise to do to brood over possibilities that could have been and should have been.

Don’t think about it, if you just can’t change it.

You have to understand that it as a part of life. Do not regret as it will eat you up alive. Live in the NOW as now is the only place things are happening.

  • Making excuses instead of decisions

You can’t stall things at some points in life. You have to take the decisions that are tough, painful and even unjust for your own well-being.

You’ll stall things and live in the sun for a while longer because of the survival instincts. You can make life a bit brighter by taking important decisions at crucial times.

Refusing to accept your mistakes is the worst thing you can do. By being decisive you can undo this.

You’ll give yourself excuses all the time if you could just stop and perceive your thoughts. You only lack decisiveness and dedication, if you look at it firmly that way as there is not anything you can do.

The key to success in every sphere in life is to be safe and feel uncomfortable. Don’t let your mind play games with you.

  • Relationship situations that shrink you

We all have spent time trying to belittle ourselves, adjust, adapt and be flexible in a relationship. This can be appearing from the fundamental human need to be loved and to conform.

We don’t like to chase away people from our lives. The toxicity can be occurred from the amount of shrinkage you undergo to fit and conform in the relationship when you’re in a toxic relationship.

You are not allowed to do anything that your partner “thinks” you shouldn’t do, until you are no longer yourself.

You need to stop talking to men/women to the point when you no longer socialize if your partner is really a jealous freak and if you want him to feel “safe” with you. This will make you so miserable.

This can be a lose-lose situation for both of you.

  • Old lies that you still cling to

Every person change.

Your notions about others and yourself should have a change.

You need to let go of your obsolete beliefs that don’t hold anymore and be free.

  • The idea that you have to be perfectly fine all the time

There are always good days and bad days. Have to face many things in life, so not all days are perfect.

You need to have breakdowns to see things in better perspective. When you see your mistakes you can work on them better.

You can be alone, be unhappy, grieve the loss of a loved one, but, don’t give up.

The greatest human virtue is to persevere.

The best thing we can do is trying to become a better version of ourselves.  

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