4.5 Million Baby Blue Eyes Found In Hitachi Seaside Park In Japan

The images below are actually not surreal, and they are not even digital images. These photos are taken at a park situated in Hitachi, Japan. Hitachi Seaside Park is spread over an area of 190 hectares. This place is very famous for the wide variety of flowers that bloom in all seasons of the year. Nemophila is the most famous flower that grows here. In the month of April, you will see them in abundance. There are around 4.5 million blossoms in these fields. You can see these wonderful flowers on the horizon when you visit this place.

The park is gaining popularity due to the 4.5 million baby blue eye and because of that, visitors have started visiting the Hitachi Seaside Park. The flowers grow here to such an extent. The visitors may have to photoshop the area around to make them look noticeable in a photo clicked against this backdrop.

You should visit this place if you are planning to visit Japan.

sources used: themindcircle.com

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