These 30 Types Of Succulents Look Like Something Which Is Not In This World

These ornamental, are in very surprising shapes and it makes them look like something from a fantasy illustrator’s dreams. Here’s a list about some of the most awesome succulents you’ll ever see which was delicately grown and cultivated by Bored Panda’s green thumb employees.

You can add your photos in the comments below if you keep any succulent-buddies at home or at work. You also can share any tips for growing them. We need to give our succulents a bit too much love, attention, and water.

Succulents have the ability to survive in dry climates. Nearly all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. They are very popular plants. If you stroll through any office, you’ll spot at least one of them. But, everyone doesn’t know how to take care of their succulents.

#1 Clear Succulent Plant

#2 Rose Succulents

#3 Bunny Succulents

There are some plants like the mermaid tail or the opal-like clear succulents. They look like they’re from another planet and something that aliens have on their planets.

The mermaid one is called a crested Senecio Vitalis while the clear one is the Haworthia Cooperi plant if you want to get one of these peculiar succulents.

Because of their “leaf windows” which let in a lot of light for the plant, the Haworthia succulents are popular. The “windows” also minimize water loss from evaporation because the rest of the plant is buried underground. The accordion-like roots in Haworthia plants pull them deeper into the ground so that they can thrive.

#4 Unusual Succulent

#5 Trachy andra

#6 Albuca

 Reddit said that, Haworthia plants are easy to take care of and are great succulents for beginners. You only need to pop them on the windowsill and they’ll be happy, it’s good if you can use some gritty soil.

Normally succulents need plenty of light. So, you need to rotate them occasionally in order all parts of it can enjoy the sun and to help it grow straight.

Don’t overwater it and check the soil regularly. If it’s only dry, get your watering can ready. The succulents need more water during Spring and Summer and barely need water in Fall and Winter when they’re ‘resting.’ After all, wipe the dust off in order to help them grow and become your picture-perfect plant-pals.

#7 Lithops

#8 Echeveria

#9 Conophytum Bilobum

#10 Succulent

#11 Euphorbia

#12 Aztekium

#13 Kalanchoe

#14 Stapelia

#15 Dolphin Succulents

#16 Boophone Haemanthoides

#17 Unusual Succulent

#18 Mermaid Tail Succulent

#19 Pageae

#20 Orbea Variegata (Starfish Plant)

#21 Myrtillocactus Geometrizans Succulent

#22 Gentiana Urnula

#23 Stringofpearls

#24 Crassula Umbella

#25 Lithops

#26 Aeonium

#27 Klubrostok

#28 Bowiea Volubulis

#29 Unusual Succulent

#30 Stapelia

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