30 Times People Realized They’re Too Tall For Japan

As we all know Japan is one of the most unique countries in the world. But, many westerners visiting Japan don’t know that a lot of things there are a bit smaller than usual. It isn’t a problem, except if you’re tall.

You may have to constantly crouch to get through doorways and always have to watch your head can get a bit tiresome.

Here are some hilarious tall people problems that had to face while visiting Japan!

1 My 6’7″ Stepfather Is Visiting Japan This Week

2 Tall In Japan

3 Asked A Guy To Take A Photo Of Me And My Friends With Some Bathing Snow Monkeys In Nagano, Japan. Checked The Photo Later

4 Life Being Tall In Japan. Side Note: This Was A Hit With The Crowd And There Were Lots Of Giggles

5 My Trip To Japan As A 6.3 Feet Guy Summed Up

6 I Recently Travelled To Japan

7 Shark Bait

8 In Japan, Tall Friends Duck Together

9 Everytime I Visit Japan I Feel Like I Don’t Fit In… I Wonder Why?

10 We Came, We Saw, We Raised The Roof

11 Tall People Problems

12 Japan Wasn’t Built For Me

13 Stayed One Night In This Hostel In Japan. My Head Connected With This Light 8 Times

14 If I Could Summarize My Recent Trip To Japan In One Photo, This Would Be It

15 I’m 6’4″ and the struggle was real#15 Hotels Suck

16 Loved My First Trip To Japan

17 The Free Brain Cell Removal Rooflines Are A Common Fixture In Japan

18 Being Tall In Japan

19 Another Problem With Being A Tall Man In Japan

20 Meanwhile In Tokyo

21 Just Got Back From A Trip To Japan. I Know I’m Tall. Didn’t Realize Just *How* Tall Compared To All The Japanese Folks

22 Traditional Japanese Home. Clearing Doorways Is A Challenge

23 Just Found R/Tall. I’m Happy To Finally Be Among My Kind. Here’s Me In Japan Trying To Fit In

24 So My Brother (6’7″), My Sister (6’0″), And Myself (6’4″) Went To Japan… We Had A Hard Time Getting In

25 Big In Japan

26 Tall People Problems #5535 – On A Train In Japan

27 My Shower At My Hotel In Japan. I Am Not Pleased Nor Is My Neck

28 Being 6 Ft 3 In Was Pretty Tough In Japan

29 To Tall Guys Travelling In Japan: I Feel You, Brothers. I’m 195 Cm (6’4″)

30 Anyone Ever Been To Japan?

Image source: JevenJ

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