30 Moments Nature Tried To Scare Us.

When we talk about nature we usually imagine beautiful settings, sunsets, gardens full of flowers, beautiful animals, etc. However, nature also has its strange and dark side and today we want to show you these 30 photographs that will surely scare you.

01. “It’s been a long time since I cleaned behind my closet”

02. The flight of these birds simulating a tornado is a defense mechanism against their predators.

03. Although it looks like an edited image, it is not. Such are the giant bats known as “foxes” that inhabit some Asian islands. Scary, right?

04. These frogs have decided to ride the snake for free.

05. Despite its size, this spider is one of the least dangerous in Australia.

06. These little birds decided to nest inside the mouth of a dead fish.

07. Check your bike when you want to go for a ride.

08. A lizard got into one of my son’s toys. We got so scared to see him move!

09. Just a few birds in Texas.

10. We introduce you to the “Pristidae” better known as sawfish. Its appearance is used as a defense mechanism.

11. This lizard decided to completely shed its skin literal.

12. A young man found this anemone while taking a walk on the beach with his sister. Anemones can cause severe burns.

13. This little fox couldn’t escape the cold waters and ended up dying.

14. This sea creature was captured by an underwater camera in the Gulf of Mexico. Its terrifying appearance leaves us thinking about what we can find in the depths of the sea.

15. This tree was covered in cobwebs as a survival mechanism for spiders after a storm caused flooding in Pakistan in 2010.

  1. When you want to renovate your house, and you find this big beehive.

17. This is the skeleton of a hedgehog.

18. This is what a sea snake over 1 meter long looks like.

19. This frog underwent a mutation and its eyes went out into its mouth.

20. In owls it is possible to observe their eyes through their ears, since they do not develop on the outside.

21. This fungus decided to grow on the skull of a fox.

22. The figure of this spider web is chilling.

23. These snakes died electrocuted.

24. This family put poison in various parts of their house, except inside their phone where various insects hid.

25. Be careful when putting on your shoes, you could get a little surprise.

26. Yes, this is a plant that gives off strong odors to prevent animals from feeding on it.

27. This bottle of orange juice had been sitting on a shelf for a year. Today we see how a colony of fungi has grown in there.

28. This snake was eaten by a group of giant lobsters.

29. My cat’s food was filled with strange fungus.

30. This is what a “Reduviidae” known as the assassin bug looks like, which dresses the body of its victims to feed itself.

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