23 Designers Who Got Their Creations Right

There are designers who create to express themselves and when you don’t understand anything they did, they claim “you don’t know anything about art”. And there are others that start from the fact that people need practical, unusual, interesting and beautiful things.

In that last order, here are 23 designers who have followed their instinct and ingenuity. This is not a magic formula at all, take it and make it and it may be your creations that you see in the following list:

1.This chair is a cooler too.

2.For lovers of Roman history.

3.With a flask with water, inside a metal frame – a hanging vase is obtained

4.I need to do this ?:

5.How about this lever for samurai lovers?

6.The best kitchen companion you could ask for:

7.Three-dimensional rug, with notable differences in relief.

8.These brooms to sweep up croquettes.

9.Such a chair has excellent shock absorption and will take the desired shape on its own.

10.Mugs in the shape of different animals, with a compartment for a used tea bag

11.Shark head as a knife sharpener

12.This dragon-shaped faucet.

13.This police car has a shotgun on the side.

14.The barcode on this bread is inspired by the name of the brand, which is “Reissumies” which means traveler man.

15.This lamp of a climber.

16.This cool pasta rack:

17.This lunch box for your son who likes music.

18.This container for matches has a place to light them.

19.Say you don’t want this lamp:

20.This glasses holder:

21.This mug that you can hold more naturally.

22.The best pizza cutter.

23.This winged backpack:

Which of these things do you want to have already? Let us know in the comments! Share this gallery with your designer friends so they can be inspired by these great creations.

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