22 Photos In Which A Reflection Opened The Door To Another Dimension.

Today, with the help of Photoshop, creating a masterpiece that appears to be an image from a parallel reality is as easy as learning the alphabet. However, taking a normal photo that confuses your brain and leaves you in doubt is still a difficult task for many. One way to do this is to use reflections and play with perspective.

In WDYST we have compiled images for you in which a reflection plays a very important role.

22. Reflection of a tunnel in mirrors

21. The mirror gave this boy a different body.

20. This reflection made the steering wheel look like a planet in the sky.

19. The reflection makes this building have a very ugly facade.

18. The whole street in a single glass.

17. This glass of water created a fish with the reflection of the headphones.

16. The headlights made this car have cartoon eyes on its windshield.

15. “The reflection of the man sitting to my left, along with the symmetry of the seats, created a great ghost effect.”

14. The reflection of the lamps in these lenses resembles the eyes.

13. Perfect reflection of a tree with leaves.

12. The burners on the stove reflecting off the pots created a very curious image.

11. The reflection in this window perfectly matches an identical car, but in a different color.

10. “The design on my bed reflected a bit in my coffee.”

9. “Every time I see this image, I think the building is on fire, but it’s just a reflection of the sunset.”

8. “The reflection of the lamp on my iPhone appears to be a 3D image”

7. “At the right time of day, my dog’s favorite place to nap becomes truly magical.”

6. The ground gave these raindrops a checkered pattern.

5. A reflection in the glass replaced the man with a shark.

4. The groundwater is so calm that it ends up being a perfect mirror for the stalactites of the Luray caves (United States)

3. The reflection makes the chimpanzee appear to be wearing a dress.

2. The reflection of the pizza oven in the window makes the car look like it’s on fire.

1. The perspective of this photo makes these guys look like they’re stuck in the sky.

Which of these photos impressed you the most? Think for a second and let us know in the comments! 

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