22 Photos From Ancient Times That Very Few People Have Seen.

To act coherently in the present we must know the past

We cannot go back to the past, but this is key, since it is not only about knowledge but also about legacies, testimonies, experiences and scenarios that irreversibly marked the course of history.

The passage of the human being has left knowledge and writings that describe great events and cultures, for example the Egyptian civilization. Well, in part these references have contributed to effective experimentation, avoiding making the same mistakes and passing vital information from generation to generation.

In addition, with the invention of photographic tools, incredible visual records began to be created, which are still being built and will remain for posterity.

Below we offer you a varied collection of safety pins and old photographs that are worth looking at.

01. The Gas Mask Was One Of The Most Used Preventive Strategies During The World Wars, In Order To Protect The Civilian And Military Population In All Their Daily Activities, Which Ironically Improved The Small Effects Of Chopping Onions.

02. Image Taken In 1948 Showing The Material Properties That The Famous Character Mahatma Gandhi Possessed At The Time Of His Death

03. One Of The First Terrestrial Living Beings Sent Into Space, It Is A Chimpanzee Whose Role In The Mission Improved The Knowledge That Was Had And Promoted The Space Race

04. Robert Wadlow Holds The Record As The World’s Tallest Man In History, Measuring 2.72m.

05. Photograph Of A Plane Crash That Occurred In 1937, When An Aircraft Identified As Hindenburg Caught Fire During A Flight That Housed 97 People, Of Whom 36 Died In The Raging Fire.

06. Toys Of The First Generation Of Cars To Operate Remotely During The Year 1957

07. The Popular Marilyn Monroe With Actress Jane Russel After Filming A Movie In The 1950s

08. Waiters Wearing Masks At A Restaurant In 1933

09. Hippopotamus Used To Pull A Cart, An Unprecedented Situation At The Time Because These Animals Are Aggressive And Territorial, Really Difficult To Tame

10. Bill Gates Explaining The Storage Capacity Of A Cd, Which Represented A Revolution At The Time And That Today Is Nothing More Than One Of The Small Steps That Were Taken Towards The Digital Age

11. Guy Wearing Early Protective Welding Gear In 1941

12. One Of The First Photographs Of The Planet From Outer Space, Taken In October 1946

13. Whiskey Barrels Incinerated In The United States During The Prohibition Of This Liquor Known As Prohibition And Instituted In The 20s

14. Sled That Leaves Its Original Path When Leaving The Track In 1933

15. Photograph Captured In 1930 That Portrays The Variety And Quantity Of Items Offered In The Simple Truck Of An Informal Merchant

16. Amphibious Bicycle From The 1930s, A Vehicle That Could Be Used Both In Water And On Land

17. Image That Demonstrates The Rise Of Shorts As A Revolution In Women’s Fashion, In The 1950s

18. Stunts 1,250 Feet Above The Empire State Building In The Borough Of Manhattan

19. Couple On An Ice Pedestal That Forms A Platform On Its Surface, Located On A Beach During A Harsh Winter

20. German Soldier Terrified At The Actions Of World War Ii

21. Excavation Of The Great Sphinx Of Gizeh, An Egyptian Sculpture Over 20 Meters High Discovered In 1850

22. The Dejected And Sad Look Of A Group Of Belgian Miners At The End Of Their Work Day

Impressive gallery that reflects the past of humanity, great inventions, revolutions and tragedies that should never be forgotten. What did you think of the images? Which is your favorite and why?

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