21 Tips From A Specialist Photographer To Look Good In Your Photos

To make the process of taking photographs a little easier for us, the expert Bonnie Rodríguez Krzywicki has made a list of tips to follow to always be photogenic.

Several of his tips have been shared on his Instagram account, which has become a trend among his more than 700 thousand followers.

Here are some that we think will make you look great in all your selfies and photos:

1.Always use angles to look better everything is based on triangles.

2.Raise your torso.

3.Make images more dynamic by creating layers.

4.Always lift one leg to look stylish.

5.The triangles on the arms will always make you a plus.

6.Create dynamic photos that make you feel immersed in the image.

7.Modify the way you smile. Always raise your face slightly tilting it upwards showing your smile.

8.If you feel bloated on those days, try to look sideways using those curves to your advantage.

9.The “Bambi” pose will make you look better figure.

10.Use elements that make you stand out and contrast with your background.

11.Help yourself with lines in your environment to take attention where you want.

12.Never forget to use triangles in your poses.

13.Relax your arms. The most important thing is to relax and feel comfortable.

14.Angles are always important.

15.Use accessories that flatter you.

16.Don’t forget to stretch your body and raise your torso. Without fear of looking sexy. The most important thing is that you love yourself.

17.Bending over and swaying your body can slim your figure.

18.Raise your legs. By adding other elevations you give dynamism to your image.

19.Avoid posing with your elbows forward, as this type of pose creates a distortion effect.

20.Never use your legs completely straight. This takes the naturalness out of your photo.

21.Your body language has to be confident.

Which of these tips did you know, which ones do you apply? Tell us how you do to improve your photos! Share these tips

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