21 Shades Of Things That Played With Our Minds

Perspective is something that makes everything change.

What do we know about the shadow world? Nothing or almost nothing about its strange nature. A physics expert will say that the shadow is just the absence of light, but wait, do we see it? And vision, sight, this is the perception of reflected or emitted light! So how can we see the light and at the same time see its absence? Magic, in a word, witchcraft is harmful!:

1.In the distance, on the mountainside, the shadow of a ghostly mouse appears again

2.How to make an “eye of Sauron” with a couple of glasses and a drop of juice.

3.Another example of multiple light sources.

4.This tree shadow that looks like nerves.

5.Six cross light sources do not overlap each other, but generate 6 new shadows.

6.A cute dog in the shadows.

7.The guy doesn’t know yet, but guess which character will be the most interesting in the end.

8.An annoying trash can.

9.This woman projects a visible face.

10.A shadow of terror.

11.Something rarely seen but beautiful.

12.Batman’s wife’s wedding ring.

13.This bag of cat food is a cat.

14.Excellent symmetry.

15.My puppy makes a shadow similar to Yoda.

16.Right in the shade the snow has not melted.

17.Do you also see the heart?

18.This feline is hunting the rat without knowing that he is wearing it.

19.”The shadow makes it look like I’m wearing socks.”

20.A happy tree.

21.A pretty rose in this shade.

Which leftover was your favorite? Let us know in the comments! Share this gallery to see if your friends see how the shadows can also play with them.

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