21 Architects Who Totally Destroyed Common Sense

Being an architect is a very responsible job that requires very precise calculations, a lot of imagination and patience. But architects are human too and they make mistakes, like the following who, despite having only one job, failed terribly.

Don’t worry, we know that not all of them were made by architects:

1.They placed this stove a little out of alignment.

2.Putting a column in the middle of the road is not a very good idea.

3.Who came up with this stair design?

4.This is hilarious, her creativity took her to another level.

5.The way I do not understand.

6.End here, no more for no more.

7.This is very dangerous.

8.Great design.

9.Very good idea.

10.This is so funny.

11.When you have money you can give yourself certain luxuries.

12.The most incongruous thing in the world.

13.Look carefully at the windows.

14.A construction that looks like jenga.

15.Defying the laws of physics.

16.Who centered this?

17.The pampering happens with these lamps.

18.You just had to do it right.

19.I think they did not go to construction classes.

20.Good lighting.

21.It does not fulfill its function at all.

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