20 Times Gardeners Made Us Fall In Love With Their Miniature Crops

It’s not every year that nature pleases garden owners with gifts in the form of tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, lemons, watermelons, and all kinds of oversized fruits and vegetables. Sometimes what happened to the whole year 2020 happens to the harvest: something went wrong.

However, there is no need to cry, so the victims of fertility tricks laugh at their crop, the size of which is calculated in millimeters. But if everything was of standard size, there would be nothing to admire, but here is a whole comedy. Well, that’s it, a mini-comedy:

1.Who wants a glass of lemon water?

2.A vintage romaine salad for the whole family…of stuffed animals

3.”The first watermelon I grew.”

4.Enough for an afternoon snack.

5.”There is so much vitamin A in these carrots that even a blind man can be cured.”

6.“I don’t even know what to do right now. Maybe open a tomato sauce plant?”

7.”Enough garlic to last until the end of quarantine”

8.”I think this generous gift of nature will help us through a long quarantine.”

9.”Three years of love created this monster.”

10.”Hooray, the town is saved”

11.Extra small grapes.

12.“My mother was very proud of the tomato crop. Spaghetti awaits us!”

13.“I had to call a car to deliver all this cargo”

14.“Today my first Meyer lemon is ripe”

15.”I decided to salt my bountiful harvest for the long winter ahead.”

16.”Mom asked to share her wonderful harvest.”

17.Harvest up to a quarter cup

18.”Congratulate me on this bountiful harvest!”

19.”I think I overestimated the size of the harvest basket.”

20.”My mom has been growing a lemon tree in her garden for a year now, and this is her first lemon.”

Have you ever had harvests this funny and small? Feel free to share them with us in the comments! Send this gallery to your friends who want a garden in their homes so they can see what can happen to them when they get involved in this activity.

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