20 Times Designers Failed In The Worst Way Possible.

After this gallery you will see all the designs twice.

Not all designers will be brilliant in their creations, but in fact we can expect a modicum of common sense from a professional, even in eccentric projects, right?

Well, but that’s not what happened to the designers on that list out of sheer laziness or because they wanted to innovate, they ended up producing artistic aberrations , which they won’t even want for free.

Watch just 20 times when designers fail in the worst possible way and don’t forget to tell us in the comments which one was your favorite

1. The problem here is not even the absurd difference in the landscapes, but the mouse cursor in the puzzle.

2. What do you think of this advertisement for funerals?

3. Ok where am I supposed to pick up my coffee?

4. This author wrote a book against plastic, and it was wrapped in plastic.

5. We’re not even going to talk about what’s wrong here.

6. We all know what’s wrong here right?

7. How many times do you think you can stub your little toe here?

8. I think the ventilation on this costume is not in the best position.

9. Security to the next level.

10. Falling in 3,2,1…

11. “Privacy is our priority”

12. I think they should rethink the Halloween decorations on this asylum wall.

13. This advertising is to prevent suicide, but what are they trying?

14. Where did the snowflake come from?

15. “Your seat is outside the ship, come this way.”

16. What kind of music will you listen to?

17. I think that river is wrongly placed.

18. Bad choice of clothes.

19. Realistic reflections.

20. This textile design is very wrong.

Have you seen designs worthy of this gallery? Leave them in the comments. Share this note to make your designer friend smile.

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