20 Times Architects Totally Destroyed Common Sense

You know who came up with the saying that “repairs are worse than three floods and two fires”? Lazy people who don’t have the courage to admit that they can’t paste a wallpaper evenly. And at the same time too greedy to pay an honest price to those who can get the job done. Poor of those who paid to have a result like these:

1.Designer Makeover

2.Designer Makeover

3.”We made a little adjustment”

  1. This outlet wasn’t very convenient there:

5.And what a view! Just a fairy tale.

6.What type of construction is this?

7.To make it more interesting for children to play in the park.

8.At least they have a ramp.

9.Where did they find such a small faucet?

10.Who will be afraid of a slight tilt of the wall? Look, the Leaning Tower of Pisa from a century ago!

11.Not all decorative mirrors are comfortable in everyday life.

12.This is a very strange door that leads to a brick wall.

13.Losing half a meter, of course, is very insulting. But it is worse to have nothing!

14.Well, isn’t it good to hang it on a wall without tapestry?

15.It is difficult to describe, but not at all to understand.

16.Why do you need this staircase if there is no second floor?

17.Imagine walking down here drunk.

18.A few centimeters have never made time and will not do

19.Another awkward bathroom.

20.Who said everything should be fine? And so it will work, if only it would work!

To err is human but in construction it can be dangerous and funny. Send this gallery to your architect friends so that they avoid making mistakes similar to these.

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