20 Reasons to run to the hairdresser and dye your hair purple

One of the purposes that all of us girls usually consider every time we need a break is the “change of scenery”… Both internal and external transformations in ourselves to feel renewed and revolutionary.

Can all this start with a simple change of look ? Of course! Especially if it’s as radical as a bleach and tint in the most angelic color of all: lilac. Check out these ideas and convince yourself to personify your new self with an original tone!

1.Doesn’t it match amazing with her freckles?

2.It also looks amazing on long hair

3.A beautiful rainbow

4. It needs a lot of care

5.But it’s worth a try!

6.This is how it looks in platinum tones

7.How about pink undertones

8.It looks like a mermaid’s hair!

9.Combinable with many looks

10.Dare to do that gradient that you want so much

11.How about an even purple?

12.Or you can combine it with another color

13.It suits all skin colors

14.Isn’t that a super cute color?

15.You can start a little darker at the root

16.Make it a project with your best friend!

17.You will be quite a doll

18.You may be looking for a more subtle color effect.

19.You can start with something like this and work your way up.

20.Wear a mane of envy this 2019

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