20 Places Where Nature Went Out Of Its Way To Impress Us

Artists love the genre of alien landscapes, because in them you can draw whatever comes to mind and they may even believe it. The main thing is not like at home, on our native Earth, the alien steppes and seas should be as different as possible. Otherwise, what is the interest?

Because of this, we are used to perceiving something unusual as unreal, they say, this can only be somewhere, in other worlds. But the reality is much more interesting!

1.A little water, rays of light, and now a rainbow lake appeared in the middle of the forest!

2.The landscape of Kamchatka is amazing: it is not grass and lichens, but thickets of huge pines and cedars.

3.Not cotton balls or ice in a glass, but cloudy in Novosibirsk

4.In fact, the rainbow has the shape of a regular circle, only in one plane it is always limited by the surface of the earth. But in the mountains there is the possibility to see more.

5.During the monsoon season in India it becomes very dangerous and very beautiful!

6.In Lake Baikal, the ice is always transparent that you can see the depths, frozen gas bubbles and other miracles are visible.

7.Beautiful photo, but few people know how difficult it was to take.

8.Don’t have enough imagination to paint alien forests? Here is an example from the slopes of Kilimanjaro, in Africa these things are growing.

9.You must not drink water from this river, even if it is not Martian.

10.In the Chilean Atacama desert there are no trees, bushes are rare and only flowers adorn this harsh place – even in the Sahara there is many times more water than here

11.The most real alien invasion! Joke. But the creatures, and these are physalia, are deadly poisonous!

12.This extraordinary phenomenon is called a rainbow parhelion.

13.An Icelandic miracle, a rainbow of unprecedented size and brilliance!

14.Ducks are real, alive. Multi-colored hydrangea flowers too. And it looks like this was all photoshopped.

15.We are still on planet Earth, New Mexico

16.Baobabs in the mist

17.Beautiful view of Bora Bora

18.The tree is called Tseanotus

19.I wonder what is going on behind the cloud. What beautiful colors!

20.Extremely clear and geometrically correct double rainbow

What was your favorite landscape? Comment on the post! Share this gallery so that everyone knows that you don’t need to go very far to see landscapes out of this world.

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