20 Phenomena Of Nature That Few People Have Seen

Nature has various shows that are rarely seen, either because we are not in the right place or because they occur in places that are not easily accessible.

In this list we bring you these phenomena of nature so you can enjoy them:

1.This species of lizard can turn its tail blue.

2.This mushroom appears to be made of glass.

3.Not a fir tree, but a huge chandelier!

4.The combination of two colors on a dog’s nail makes a strange impression.

5.The duck was unlucky: due to a specific sore, it was born without feathers

6.The unusual coloration of the giant Indian squirrel is striking.

7.In the heat, sweat dries directly on the horse, forming beads of salt.

8.A raccoon born albino.

9.Pretty isn’t it? This is what a hummingbird feather looks like.

10.Particles useful for parrots were mistakenly added to the clay for bricks. Therefore, they happily pick the wall of the building, pulling out a treat.

11.The leaf covers the nest of hummingbirds from bad weather.

12.A syringe needle and a poisonous snake tooth, seen under a microscope

13.Daddy seahorse with his children.

14.”A giant salamander came to visit me after the flood.”

15.An amazing cloud.

16.Old sewing needle and new sewing needle. Has only been used for a couple of months

17.A perfect gradient.

18.The cactus grows in the shape of a heart.

19.This is an ostrich egg.

20.A spider spins a web that can withstand water.

Do not leave without sharing this gallery to surprise your friends with these strange phenomena of nature.

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