20 People Who Saw Cool Things And Decided To Photograph

Life is full of surprises.

Surely while we are waiting for activities to resume we have had a lot of time to surprise ourselves, but there will always be something that will surpass our impression.

Here we have 20 images of people who found interesting things and didn’t think twice to take a picture of it to surprise everyone:

1.This farm grows avocados up to 1 meter long.

2.The wreck of the Costa Concordia ship photographed by a tilted camera.

3.A 30-pound cabbage.

4.The way the snow stayed in place after opening and closing the trunk.

5.This building that seems to have lost its dimension.

6.This little heart-shaped pepper was hidden inside the larger pepper.

7.This impressive leaf-shaped ice.

8.This eggplant is so perfect it seems out of place.

9.This burnt-out car lamp looks like marble.

10.The curious color of these grapes.

11.The way the water froze in this waterfall.

12.The different flames made by the types of wood and their chemical components.

13.The way this toothpaste landed on the brush.

14.This pole holds an umbrella for people sitting on the bench.

15.The rare mammoth clouds.

16.This restroom at the Atlanta airport has lights to let people know if they’re busy.

17.This rock looks like an elephant drinking seawater.

18.Have you ever seen a pencil break like this?

19.A life-size sculpture of a gorilla made out of colored pencils.

20.The flow of water from this faucet that looks like a wine glass.

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