20 Pastry Chefs Who Deserve An Award For Their Great Work

The pastel craze is not greedy, but very beautiful, and it’s taking social media by storm. And rightly so: there is nothing that can be compared to this art. At least a third of the world has some fondness for cakes.

The following images are not to avoid calories, so let us enjoy the cakes! It’s time to organize exhibitions, with the art galleries or modern pop art! And then don’t resist, sneak buy all the cakes you want when you finish this gallery:

1.The child who loves Minecraft has the perfect gift

2.The imitation of the knitted fabric structure is great!

3.What would Van Gogh think of these pastels?

4.A themed cake for Father’s Day celebration

5.There are no shadows and shapes that a pastry chef cannot use in his work

6.Modeling a geode – the most beautiful mineral in the form of a container with precious stones

7.Who does not remember, the name of the rat was Remy, and not Ratatouille at all

8.Goodbye study! Hello adult, well-fed and cheerful life!

9.How many colors! A great gift for Grandma!

10.To whom the cake, and to whom the orchard?

11.A cake for meat lovers.

12.Even at a third glance, without a clue, you can’t tell the bag isn’t real.

13.The plants that are painted in the pastel are called succulents.

14.What a cute crocodile in his swamp with water lilies!

15.Modern pastry chefs freely paint whatever they want on the surface of the cake.

16.The girl made this cake for her friends. She is not a professional, but an amateur, for whom baking is a hobby.

17.Baby Yoda. Cake for the fan of The Mandalorian series.

18.Forest-Themed Jello Cake

19.The cake that was made in quarantine.

20.Great idea and amazing implementation

Which cake would you like for your next birthday? Do you know someone who makes great cakes? Leave us your comments! Don’t leave without sharing this gallery with your friends so they can tell you which cake they would like.

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