20 Objects That Are Proof That Better Quality Things Were Made Before.

Things were made to last.

Today it is very common for us to change our telephone, television and even a car every year, but there was, not many years ago, a time when things were built so that, regardless of the passage of time, we could enjoy their use for many years.

Here is a list of 22 items that have stood the test of years and generations and are still useful today:

My dad bought this leather jacket 40 years ago. I just applied some leather products to it. It was like new!

This mixer is over 40 years old and belonged to my mother. Looks like my grandkids will use it.

I’ve had this strainer for 26 years. It has lasted more than half my life.

My parents bought this rabbit when I was born. I slept with him every night until my teens. I am 25 years old now.

My grandfather bought these ‘Red Wind’ boots in 1975. I just replaced the soles and cleaned them up a bit.

A sewing machine that’s almost 100 years old and still working.

My mom bought this jean jacket in the ’80s and now it’s mine.

In 1995, I spent a fortune to buy the complete set of McDonald’s mugs from the movie ‘Batman Forever.’ I am still using them to this day.

My grandmother bought this chair at an antique store when my dad was a child. Everything except the upholstery is original, even the padding.

I just found this 1940s costume and I love it. The fabric looks like new.

This is my favorite pan collection. I got it from my grandmother. The oldest is 40 years old.

My great-grandfather’s WWII-era watch is still ticking.

I am so in love with this quilted robe. It’s about 70 years old, but I feel very elegant wearing it.

This Gillette Slim razor is 56 years old, it was Grandpa’s, and it still shaves great.

I received this blazer from my mother, who bought it before I was born. I am 27 years old.

I cleaned up this bag from the 1960s. I’m sure it’s much better quality than the modern pieces.

This is a 117-year-old coffee grinder. My parents use it to grind pepper.

On my wedding day, I realized that I hated my dress. So my grandmother gave me the dress that she wore, she was over 70 years old. Fits like a glove.

These Pyrex wares are 50 years old now, but they’re the only thing my wife wanted to get from her parents as a gift. We use them daily.

I bought this jacket at the thrift store for $19 bucks. He is about 17 years old. She weighs a ton and feels absolutely bulletproof. This is a real quality item

Do you have old objects that still look new? Leave us the photos in the comments. Share this note to show everyone that things used to last longer.

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